General Interests -

stamp collecting, pen palling, journaling, makeup, fashion, coding, psychology, film, buddhism, religion, nature, nostalgia, therapy, travelling, stationary, tempura mushrooms, docos, fire smoke smell, velvet, rainstorms, gardening, pressing flowers, progress, roller derby, italian greyhounds, opshops, absinthe, going to gigs, shopping, studying, fellow libras, complimenting strangers, cats

Games -

What remains of Edith Finch, Animal Crossing, Summer at Mara, GTA5, The Wild at Heart, Potion Craft, Life is Strange, Slime Rancher, Unpacking, Stardew Valley, Secret Little Haven Minecraft, Wytchwood, Letters, Nancy Drew, The sims, The coin game, A little to the left, DDO, Skyrim,

Collections -

lil trinkets, coins, religious pamphlets, stickers, badges, stamps,

Music -

Penelope Scott, My Chemical Romance, Sidney Gish, The Cure, Mitski, Placebo, Mitski

Movies -

The rocky horror picture show, Full Metal Jacket, Dead poets society, Welcome to the dollhouse, Coraline, The Truman Show, Kids, Hair, Love and peace, But I'm a cheerleader, Jennifer's body, Mid90s, Thirteen, Loser, Donnie darko, Romper Stomper,
Books -

Homesick for another world, My year of rest and relaxation, Eileen, Death in her hands, Lapnova, The bell jar, The Virgin Suicides,