Hi! Nice to meet you! Please, call me Arli. I'm a 20-year-old uni student living in Australia. I study psychology and work at an optometrist. This is the first time I've ever coded anything.

stamp collecting, true crime, pen palling, journaling, miniatures, makeup, fashion, coding, psychology, film, paganism, religion, crystals, astrology, nostalgia, therapy, travelling, stationary, animals, tempura mushrooms, docos, fire smoke smell, velvet, rainstorms, gardening, pressing flowers, progress, roller derby, Italian greyhounds, opshops, DND, absinthe, going to gigs, shopping, studying, fellow Libras,
narcissists, bananas, capitalism, bigots, MLMS, hostile architecture, hypocrisy, heartbreak,
Movies I like -
Games I like -
What remains of Edith Finch, Animal Crossing, Summer at Mara, GTA5, The Wild at Heart, Potion Craft, Life is Strange, Slime Rancher, Unpacking, Stardew Valley, secret Little Haven Minecraft, Wytchwood, Letters
Books I like -
The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck, The Man Who Mistook his Wife for a Hat, Homesick for Another World, Fisrt We Must Slay the Beast, Roxy's baby, Frankie Magazine, Cathy Cassidy's Books, The Uglies Series,
I collect-
goblincore items, religious pamphlets, porcelain animals, stickers, badges, stamps